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What Should You Look for When Picking Your Workers Comp Lawyer in Garland?

A quality workers comp lawyer will be able to assist you with anything you may need around your case. This can be finding the relevant evidence to help support your case, helping you through the legalities of what is involved in a case like yours and what kind of financial compensation would be owed to you if you ended up winning your case. You really want to make sure they can work for you on a results basis, because they will be more invested in your case than if they were just being paid on an hourly basis. Also, make sure they have the right credentials and accreditation for practicing law in Garland.

What Action Should I take After I get Injured on the Job?

If you are injured on the job, you should first do what you can to inform your supervisor before getting medical help. This is the first and immediate action you need to take. For any injuries that aren’t immediate (those that happen over a period of time) you should notify your supervisor as soon as you notice changes in your health.

It’s important that you start this process immediately. Any delays to the onset of reporting your case can cause significant delays to you receiving your benefits and the compensation you deserve. If you work with our law firm, as well as others, there will be firm deadlines that limit your time to report and receive compensation, so you need to start it immediately.


The next step you should take is seeking medical attention. In most cases, employers will tell you where to get treated because they are limited by the insurance carrier’s network of providers. When you are visiting the medical professional, they must comply with the requirements set out by the employer, so make sure you properly inform the medical professional you are seeing that you were injured on the job. Describe the situation as complete as possible so they know exactly what kind of treatment they should give you.

Thirdly, you need to fill out the workers’ compensation claim form. You can find one of these at our office. Each state is going to have a similar form and in nearly all cases, your employer is required by law to give you this form within one business day if you ask for one. If you can’t get this form from your employer, but may download it online. Just search for the Division of Workers’ Compensation on Google and look up the “Workers’ compensation claim form.”

What Are the Costs Associated With Hiring a Workers Comp Lawyer in Garland?

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